My rosacea story

My Rosacea reared it’s head roughly 7-8 years ago.  I have mild to moderate Rosacea affecting only my cheeks. I get the red little spots but not the visible veins. It does not affect my eyes or my nose. It’s rare (from what I gather from the internet and forums) to be able to pinpoint the exact moment in time, but I remember vividly how the cream that I newly bought back then stung my cheeks like there was no tomorrow. It was a Boots own brand cream, Botanicals I think, with honey, that had this effect. I didn’t think much of it at the time but I stopped and got something else, maybe another Botanicals one I can’t recall, anymore. From then things got gradually worse, how I don’t know…But what I DO know, is that it was at a stage in my life where I had a great amount of stress happening.

Lots of research goes into what causes Rosacea, but even though there is hardly any evidence, I am almost 100% sure that the cause in my case was stress. I can’t explain it in scientific terms but it seems to be a response of my body to it. Which is strange as there were other stressful events in my life before, such as my mother’s illness, that did not cause such reaction (looking back it caused another, hair loss). At the time I didn’t realize that this was the beginning of a skin issue, and put it down to my skin being sensitive, which it always was to a certain degree. When I get upset my body heats up and this heat comes out on my cheeks. It’s that simple.

Throughout the  years I have tried many many things to make Rosacea go away but failed for the longest time. It did not occur to me that the outside approach was not the first step. But how could it? There was hardly any information on the internet about Rosacea, and the one time I went to the doctor (more about that later) didn’t yield the desired results either.

Which is why I am sitting here writing blog posts, to share  what I have learnt along the way. I wish all people with Rosacea would write down their whole experience with it as you always learn more from personal stories than from big companies trying to promote their latest product aimed at the disease and sending out free products in return for a favorable review. There will be information on here that you might have met before on other posts or websites, but hopefully I will be able to explain things in a way that makes you realize that this skin problem needs to be “attacked” from multiple angles all at once.

Going back to the doctors visit I mentioned earlier. I was diagnosed correctly and was given a gel that didn’t help and made matters worse. It was at this point that I decided to take matters in my own hands.


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