Targeting Rosacea internally

I’ve talked about diet in my previous post in great detail. However, I believe when it comes to rosacea this is not the only thing you can do internally to attack this condition. There are some things that you can look into that will make a big difference in your skin’s condition.

For example you can target stress. Reducing it (as you can never get rid of it completely) is possible but requires strength of character and some life experience. We can always try to lead a more relaxed life and only take things to heart when we absolutely must. Like when you need to defend yourself and not let people walk all over you or standing up for yourself and your values. I know it is incredibly difficult because I used to get pissed off at least a little bit at every little sh..tty thing. But when I saw just how badly it was affecting my skin (as I said in my very first post, I think mine was triggered by stress) I decided to rethink some things in life. It was a gradual thing, it didn’t happen overnight, but it doesn’t have to. Start slowly and you will see that it gets easier every day. If you have bad anxiety or a mental health condition then it’s not a shame to seek help. And that is not just concerning rosacea. As mentioned previously, it’s all a matter of priority. Some people will recognize just how important inner calm is (not just for their skin) and some will not. But it’s worth a try. As for the technique…each to their own. Some people like meditating some just find that drawing from their life experience or seeing other people deal with situations differently, helps them incorporate some of that “wisdom” in their life too. Either way, you can’t lose anything by trying.

The next thing is physical. Apparently gentle exercise helps flush out some toxins from the body and helps regenerate skin or at least boost the skin’s ability to regenerate. I have never been a fan of exercise, but for health reasons I have started to run every now and then and just do some exercises in my room. Never been to a gym and I don’t intend to. I think it’s way too overpriced and you can do a range of different workouts at home. Put Youtube on and choose. There is plenty of variety depending on what you like or what your fitness level is. Yoga and pilates are apparently two kinds of exercise techniques that don’t raise your heart rate as much as say a cardio class therefore not bringing all that heat up to your face too easily. You will have to watch that with this condition. I’m not too big a fan of these so I just do simple things nothing too elaborate and only for a limited time. The longer you exercise the chance of your body overheating is increased. I do 20 min max, every day or every other day or twice a week or as I feel like it. I reiterate I don’t like exercise so I’m in no rush:) Just enough to keep healthy.

Now for the fun part. Supplements! Before I get into this I will have to admit that I HATE taking any kind of pills or medication. Personally I have never been the kind of person who got sick easily and as such I’m not used to taking tablets. But unfortunately in today’s world where most foodstuffs are devoid of any nutritional value, we have no choice but to supplement. I have done a LOT of research about anti inflammatory foods and plants and found one that works to a certain degree. Coupled with a healthy diet with minimal sugar and dairy, Seabuckthorn oil capsules work very well for me. I’m not saying that it makes rosacea disappear but it certainly helps to fortify the body to fight inflammation. I take a brand that is not available in the UK as it’s cheaper buying it at home. It works out roughly £6-£7 max for 40 capsules at 900mg each, whereas in the UK the same strength and quantity can be double, even triple that amount. I take 1 per day. This – I find – it’s enough for me to do the job as well as have another effect that I only discovered after starting to take it for rosacea. And that is to prevent dry eyes. I work with computers all day so the strain on my eyes is huge. Taking this and using an eye drop (I use Blink intensive soothing eye drops in case you are wondering) is enough to protect my eyes from drying out. But if you look into Seabuckthorn oil you will see that it has far more potential than just it’s anti inflammatory properties. It has a ton of Vitamin C in it, has anti carcinogenic properties, strengthens the immune system and prevents heart problems by lowering cholesterol.

So there you have it! Again not too complicated, not rocket science just simple common sense, at least with the stress factor and the exercise anyway. I hope that anyone who reads this will be stirred in the right  direction of a healthier life.

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