How to manage rosacea: further tips

I have previously written about how I manage my rosacea in terms of diet as well as what I watch out for in terms of ingredients in cosmetic products. But there are other things that you can consider in terms of having better skin and significantly fewer flare-ups. Note that these tips can work for any skin issue. I also have (or rather, HAD) acne, so it helps with that too. 


  1. Wash your face regularly. Yes it may seem obvious but some ladies are lazier than others and think that they will get away with sleeping in make up sometimes and removing things with make up wipes, and expect good skin. Now when you have rosacea, you can’t do that. Make up wipes cause unnecessary friction on your skin, however soft the cloth is, and that can lead to further redness. Due to the efficacy of some wipes, the ingredient list which they imbibe these wipes in, is far too harsh. Further redness or allergic reactions -to which you will be more susceptible to once you’ve got rosacea- are more likely to occur. So just choose a gentle cleanser and use it morning and night.
  2. Wash your bedding regularly. Or at least your pillowcases. If you don’t, it leads to bacteria accumulating on it and you rolling back and forth in it every night. Result? Blackheads, which then turn into spots. Also bad for rosacea. Aim to change the pillowcases every 4-5 days.
  3. Change the towel you dry your face with, every 2-3 days. And aim to have a cloth or towel (whatever it is) that you ONLY use for your face. Never wipe your facial skin into a towel that you’ve used to wipe the rest of your body in, or one that has been used by someone else (gross). Why? Let’s take a look. Most bath towels are made of cotton, and unless you are filthy rich (which I’m not) and can afford x thread count of Egyptian cotton of the softest grade, then this will be way to abrasive for the delicate skin on your rosacea face. Then consider the fact that most shower gels do not rinse completely off of your skin (hence their scent lingers around after a shower, right?), and once you’ve wiped the remnants of the shower gel off, it will transfer onto your face. Not good, as those ingredients are even harsher. And finally, bacteria. Just like with the pillowcases. You don’t wash bath towels every 2-3 days (environmental disaster putting on the washing machine so often). I personally use muslin cloths that I have seven of (I bought them off of Ebay), so technically I could change them every day. They are soft and do not irritate my skin.

Hair care products and methods of washing hair

Consider what you wash your hair with. The shampoo will eventually splash in your face accidentally and I had this happen to me with an organic clarifying shampoo from Avalon Organics. The shampoo was great for my hair but when it touched my skin, jeeez it was red raw. Which is why you should try to find gentle products and wash your hair upside down, not in the shower, as it can trickle down onto your face when standing up. 


Mind the temperature of everything. In the room you spend most of your time in, turn down the heating as much as it’s still comfortable. The temperature of the water you wash your face with is crucial, it is best when lukewarm, which is why you should never wash your face in the shower. Speaking of which: try to have showers instead of baths. Sitting in a bathtub full of warmer water then you would wash your face with, eventually raises your body temperature, therefore encouraging the blood vessels to dilate and cause redness. Do not use saunas! Try and avoid HOT drinks. Like super hot coffee or tea, which by the way isn’t good for your teeth either (that’s coming from my dentist by the way). Same with food temperature, wait until it has cooled down a little. If it burns your tongue, it’s not a good sign.


I’m not going to discourage you to have exercise, that would be unhealthy. But vigorous exercise generates a ton of heat in the body, which eventually will come out on your cheeks. Try to gravitate towards forms of exercise that are gentler, like yoga or pilates. If that isn’t your thing (mine either), then try simple moves of traditional exercise for shorter periods of time, as the longer you go, the more your body will heat up.  


Yes, I know this bit is hard. We hardly get any in the winter and there is a severe lack of vitamin D in most parts of the world during the colder months. Come summer, all we want is a bit of warmth, or tan or whatever. If you’ve got rosacea, SPF is your middle name for the rest of your life! Avoid the sun from 10 am to 3 pm at least, as this is when the rays are the strongest. That of course depends on which country you live in as near the equator it is nearly impossible to go out and not get burnt easily even outside this time frame. Just be very very careful. I am on the lookout for some good SPF that can be used on rosacea skin but so far no luck. 😦 Physical or chemical sunscreen, just use something please. Even if you have a white-ish tinge to your skin, is far better then burning.

+1 tip

Did you consider the washing powder you wash your clothes and bedding with? This can make your rosacea react badly, depending on what chemicals are present in them. Do a quick google search on what gentle washing powders or liquids are available in your country and try switching. I know this can be costly, but if you suspect that this has something to do with your flare ups or even the cause of your problems, it might be worth splurging. 

I know that it is a lot to take in but try to implement the changes one step at a time. I hope you will find at least one suggestion here that will help you look and feel better about your skin. 🙂

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