Oils in skincare: Rosehip for rosacea

This will be the first  oil I’m reviewing in my skin oil series. I will have others as well and not just for rosacea. I first started looking into oils about 5 years ago. I was frustrated that I couldn’t find a good enough moisturizer for my rosacea skin. I have tried creams from the drugstore but they didn’t help and often aggravated my skin further. The first oil that I have bought was Argan oil. It illuminated and plumped my face, however I found that it was a bit too greasy. At that time I didn’t know a lot about oils so looking back the reason why it felt greasy is because I used too much of it. Even though it felt that way, it did not put me off of incorporating oils in skincare. Be brave and try as it can do wonderful things. Several years later while researching oils, I came across Rosehip seed oil. It has been in my skincare routine ever since.

If you do your research it will reveal that Rosehip is a great oil for scar healing in particular. Often it is used by acne sufferers to help diminish the look of scars. However, in trying it out for myself, I noticed that it somewhat diminished the redness of my rosacea. At the time I started to look seriously into my diet so I’m unsure if it was the oil, the diet or both that did the trick. It is a dryer oil than most (I know that sounds weird), so “overdoing” it is harder than say, Argan oil. I use it only at night as I feel this is the time that my skin will utilize the goodness from the oil the most, as the skin’s regenerative ability speeds up while we sleep. The reason I don’t use it in the morning is because I feel that it does not necessarily sit well under foundation. Especially if you use water based foundations, as they don’t mix well with oils. This does not make it a bad oil in my eyes as the effect my skincare has on make up application does not take priority to caring for my skin. In the morning I use a lightweight gel cream from La Roche Posay called Cicaplast, on which I will have a separate post on.

You will notice from my posts and reviews that I don’t use a ton of ready made products in my skincare routine. I prefer standalone ingredients such as individual oils and there is a reason behind this. It is far easier to pinpoint what caused reactions on your skin, (if there are any), when there is only one new component in your regime, than trying to guess the culprit from, say 10-15 ingredients in a skin cream. It is also more natural to get the real deal in the most unprocessed form possible. I like oils because they mimic what your skin naturally does on its own. On a molecular level oils are more efficient as they are similar to the natural sebum that your skin produces.

But back to the Rosehip oil. Rosehip oil can come in a few varieties. I looked up some research on these. If you’d like a deeper look you can check out these links, they have information on all types of Rosehip oil:



Rosehip has many beneficial properties. It moisturizes, helps with wrinkling, tightens pores, brightens and of course helps in healing scars. Apart from the tightening of pores I observed all these effects on my own skin since starting use. It’s grown mainly in the Chilean Andes and I like that as the air quality and the environment is clean and pollution free (as much as this world can be). This affects a plant heavily, so whenever you buy a product of any kind, I suggest you ask the retailer/seller as to where it comes from. I see this all the time with supplements but people don’t do the same with ingredients that are put in skincare products. And it matters. A lot. It can be contaminated with goodness knows what and you will end up doing more harm than good.

The naturally occurring linoleic acid is what helps with inflammation though. That is what make this oil so great for me. I did not have any side effects from using this oil. I am not going to encourage you to buy a specific Rosehip oil brand as long as you check it comes from a clean source, it should be fine. Personally I just looked at Amazon (it’s amazing what you can find on there). This is the one I found:


Make sure it is cold pressed and 100% the real deal otherwise there will be no goodness happening:). This cost me £10.95 and it is a 50 ml bottle, so great deal there as many branded Rosehip oils can be double or even triple the price for a lesser amount. It is also very economical as I only use 3 drops on my face after cleansing and removing my make up. If I use any other skincare items (like anti aging things…I’m 32..) then this will be the last step. It sinks in quite quickly unless you overdo it, which is when you will wake up like a greaseball:) It does not break me out. My acne is unaffected by any skincare I use, primarily because the underlying cause is not external  (but I will eventually touch on this too in later posts).

All in all a great little oil. Try it if you have given up on  finding at least a good moisturizer:)

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