Oils in skincare: Sweet almond oil

This post will probably be a lot shorter than the others that I have done so far, purely because there isn’t a whole lot that can be said about sweet almond oil. But I felt like mentioning it as I feel like it is a great oil for the skin.

As I have combination/sensitive/rosacea skin I found that almond oil was great for me from the start. As far as I can remember it was possibly the first oil that I have tried in my life. I remember that I looked into balm cleansers back then but testing these kinds of cleansers in the shop, they seemed far too heavy. Granted, they are oil based, but felt like it had more moisturizing ingredients than my combo skin could handle. Frankly I was afraid it might brake me out, and as someone who always had acne, it scared me off.

But then I found almond oil and thought I’d give it a try. It is a heavier oil than rosehip. Greasier, if that makes sense. But not as heavy as coconut, which I also tried but broke me out:(. I have incorporated it into my cleansing ritual, by putting a little bit on a cotton round and wiping my face with it (not my eyes though, as too much oil can give you milia, as the skin around your eyes is a lot thinner, therefore easier to get clogged). As I have rosacea, I made sure that I didn’t micro exfoliate and dampened the cotton pad before putting the oil on it. This made sure that it glided on my skin very smoothly, rather than causing unnecessary friction. If you are using almond oil for cleansing then make sure you follow up with a normal face wash afterwards. I used to combine it with either the La Roche Posay sensitive foam or the Caudalie Gentle cleansing foam (I have done a review on both if you are interested). As both are foam cleansers but they do not strip the skin, it was the perfect combination as it got rid of the remaining oil that my skin didn’t soak up during cleansing and felt very refreshing at the same time. Also in the case of the La Roche Posay foam, it is worth mentioning that I hit “two flies in one go” as it was also anti acne. This I believe is called double cleansing.

Absolute aromas Sweet almond oil 500 ml and Miaroma sweet almond oil 100 ml

It is a great oil to use as it contains Vitamin E that is a common moisturizing element in many skin creams, especially anti aging. Great at hydrating and even keeping some very fine lines at bay, if you are in your early twenties.

It doesn’t have much of a scent to it and it is probably the cheaper oils out there. Also I found that this oil did not cause any spots for me. Just make sure you buy one that is intended for the face or for cooking. It is worth noting when trying to purchase any oils, that they have a grading system. Some oils are only meant to be used in diffusers others will have pharmaceutical grades. You need to have a look at the bottle and make sure that it states that you can use it on your face. Most oils will be housed in dark glass containers as they can lose their efficacy if exposed to sunlight.

The picture I have on this post is the almond oil I used, but you can buy any as long as it is suitable for the face. It is worth noting that almond oil is not only a great standalone cleanser, but it can be used to dilute essential oils as well, as it is classed as a carrier oil.

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