Oils in skincare: Argan oil

Argan oil is probably one of the best oils I’ve tried. I came across it once when I was browsing the Holland & Barrett health food shop. I didn’t really know much about oils back then so I kind of bought it on a “let’s see what happens” basis. I’m happy i bought it as it turned out to be great. The one I got is this. I believe it costs around £12.99 in the UK, but you can buy any argan oil, just make sure it is cold pressed. I like that it has a dropper (most oils will do) and that it comes in a dark amber bottle that helps with shielding the contents from damaging light. Just store in a cool dark place.

Miaflora argan oil 60 ml

The first time I realized just how good it is, when one of my friends commented on how nice my skin looked. I was very surprised to hear that as I had so many issues with my skin, that no one ever said it looks good. She told me how my skin looked somehow very luminous, fresh and healthy. Of course I still had acne back then but apart from that I had to agree with her. I guess I didn’t notice it so much as I look at my face every day in a mirror, it’s much like one of those situations, where you didn’t see someone for a long time and notice how they lost/gained weight. She asked what I did to my skin, but in that moment I didn’t associate it with the use of Argan oil and thought it was just a good skin day. But the more I used it the more noticeable the effects have become to me. This was quite a turning point as from there onwards I became a big fan of oils in my skin care regime.

The effects for me were mostly a change in texture. Smaller irregularities became less apparent or disappeared completely. It is said that Argan oil helps with acne as it contains triterpenoids as well as  high levels of linoleic acid that help reduce inflammation and lower sebum levels, therefore improving the overall look of the skin. I personally haven’t found that this was the case for me although it’s hard to say as at the time I was using other acne products as well, hard to determine which ones did what. Hence nowadays I always say, try one thing at a time so you know what helps and what doesn’t.

The other thing I noticed is that my skin’s tone has changed slightly, it was more even than before, although I never had huge issues on that front. I was about 26 or 27 at the time, and as I worked long hours in a hotel, I noticed some fine lines around my eyes. Using argan oil made them a thing of the past. If there is a great benefit to this oil, is that it helps fight the signs of aging. My skin looked really plump and bright and the feel of it was very smooth and velvety. I loved it!

I used to use it under an anti aging serum I had from No 7 at the time and the effects were even better. In fact to this day, on the anti aging front, I believe in combining products, rather than just using one at a time.

It also assists with free radical protection. Because it contains high levels of antioxidants, it helps to protect the skin from UV radiation. Up to a certain point though! Do not, under any circumstance use this instead of sun protection! All it does is that it inhibits the biosynthesis of melanin, or in more layman terms, it helps keep the skin cells (responsible for helping us fight UV radiation) normalized, so they don’t produce too much or too little melanin and therefore not cause lot of skin problems, even risk of cancer. For effective UV protection always use proper sunscreen! I will have a post on sunscreens soon, ones that worked and ones that didn’t work out for my skin overall.

Lastly argan is a multipurpose oil that can be used in hair as well. I regularly put a little bit in my hair after it dried. It adds shine and tames flyaways. Great for cuticles as well. Oh and don’t forget to use anti aging skincare on your decollete area as well as your neck. Our heads are not separate from the body and it can look hilarious if the face is smooth as a baby’s bottom but the neck and chest is rugged and leathery.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and perhaps learnt something that will be beneficial to your own skin.

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