Alteya Organics 100% Pure Bulgarian Rose Water review

Being a huge fan of skincare, I find it very important that my skincare routine is complete. By saying that I mean cleansing, toning and moisturizing properly. I was looking for a really good toner for a long time. I have tried a few from Garnier when I was younger, but no longer remember what their name was. Then about 8 years ago I tried a toner from Clarins (the Chamomile toner) that was very good, but expensive. I have also tried one from Tesco’s, there was a line of products they used to stock ages ago, with very natural formulations. It had cleansing milk, toner, face cream etc. That toner was great. But I no longer know what the name was (probably some indie brand as we would call it today) and when I go into bigger Tesco’s I can no longer see it.

So as a result I had to look for a new toner, and as since I have developed rosacea, I wanted something natural. I have googled natural toners and guess what? Rose water came up again and again. So I have decided to give the rose water a go, even though I hate the smell of roses in cosmetic products.

Alteya Organics 100% Pure Bulgarian Rose Water 100 ml

I found mine on Amazon (as always) from this company called Alteya Organics. I have never heard of them before but given that the product comes from Bulgaria (the best rose water in Europe I believe) I thought I’d  give it a shot. It comes in an amber glass bottle of 100 ml and is certified by the USDA which means that the ingredients are at least 95% certified organic. This is easily  achievable with this product as the only ingredient in here is Rosa Damascena Flower distillate. Only rose water. They manufacture the product in the village of Yagoda in Bulgaria, so you know that you are getting the real deal. This cost me £9.55, which – considering the quality – is a very good price.

The product claims to soften, moisturize and rejuvenate the skin. It is a skincare/therapeutic grade distillate so it has been produced to the highest standards. I have to say that this is amazing! Since I started using it my skin is so soft, I can’t stop touching it. I apply this to a cotton pad after washing my face. I forgot to mention that it is a spray bottle so there is no accidental spill if you knock the bottle over. Due to the spray function, you can spray this directly to the face. I haven’t done this as I find it could waste the product.

Rose water is said to have anti inflammatory properties (good news for rosacea sufferers), it removes excess oils without drying the skin, helps maintain pH levels and even helps combat acne. I have noticed the calming effect of it after a rather “vigorous” facial I have done on myself (extraction, extraction..). It helped reduce the redness a lot quicker compared to not using it. In terms of rosacea redness I can’t really say if it works or not, because I have managed to reduce my redness to the point of being unable to tell if I have it (yippeee!). But seeing as it helped with post-extraction redness I am sure that it won’t harm rosacea in any way. Worth giving it a go. Another benefit of rose water is its anti aging properties. I have personally not noticed much difference as I am using other anti aging products as well, so it is hard to tell which product is the wonder (it’s probably all of them).

The only downside of rose water for me is…the smell. It stinks! If you don’t like the smell of roses and this is a great deal for you then you will not like it. I personally just hold my breath while I swipe with my cotton round. The smell doesn’t linger around for too long, luckily! This small downside is worth it though, as the softening effect is amazing. So if you want to have soft hydrated skin, then give rose water a go. It’s all natural and organic, better then lab made concoctions.

Thank you for reading. I hope this was helpful in some way to rosacea sufferers out there.

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