The Ordinary overview + Buffet peptide serum review

The next thing I’m reviewing is an anti aging item from The Ordinary, their Buffet Multi Peptide serum.

I am 33 years old (it’s so painful to say that) and I have been using anti aging skincare since I was 25-26 years old. My philosophy was , is and always will be to prevent rather than treat. It’s so much easier to upkeep what you’ve got, than to spend larger amounts of money on expensive products that might not even work, when the damage has already been done. In my opinion- if you don’t start early- there is a chance that when you do eventually start the anti aging regime, it’s too late and that is when people look towards surgery and invasive methods to get the once youthful look back. I’m not one to wait for lines and wrinkles, and I will never let my face touched by so much as a needle, so I decided to start early. I remember a good few people remarking that I don’t need it, and ones who have gotten (not sure why) quite upset about it as if it was a bad thing to look after your skin. Luckily I never cared about others opinions about my life or my decisions, so I just kept doing my own thing. As a result I often get told how young I look or that at least I don’t look my age. I will insert a picture at the end of this post for you to be the judge (don’t be too harsh please:).

So I came across The Ordinary brand while reading a magazine. I was quite surprised to see that the item featured (it wasn’t Buffet) was quite cheap considering the effects that it claimed to have. I have taken to the website in an instant to see if there was something there for rosacea or acne and had a thorough browse.

First of all, this brand and it’s products are not to be taken lightly. Because the beneficial “compounds” of a good skincare routine are sold separately, it’s very important to educate ourselves beforehand. I have done lots of research before I got to the point where I was comfortable ordering. You need to consider a number of factors when ordering from The Ordinary.

1. Your skin’s needs: not every product is suitable for everyone

2. Your skin type: if you have sensitive or hypersensitive skin, then you need to take great care as some products, especially anti aging (retinols for example) can be very harsh and make the skin react badly, causing more harm than good. Best to check first with a beautician at least as she will be able to tell you what you can use safely and most importantly, how. Which takes me to my next point.

3. How to use the products: this is relatively difficult if you are new to the skin care world or if you have not done research for yourself. Using some of the items too frequently or not frequently enough could result in a bad reaction or no results at all within a reasonable amount of time.

4. Mixing products/layering: this is perhaps the most tempting thing to do as once you notice changes in your skin, it’s natural to want to compound the effect and use more (well, one can never have good enough skin right?). But again it’s important to check carefully as using a lot of products can cause irritation or even annihilate each other, meaning that depending on what you use, the skincare item will be ineffective due to another that you might be layering it with.

5. As with every skin care product: be patient. Skin changes due to external factors like skincare take a long time to show. I never form an opinion about a product before I have given it about 3-4 months. Only then, will you be able to judge weather it works or not.

My review of The Ordinary – Buffet serum starts by saying I have been using it for 7 months now. It is plenty of time to see if there are any results. I have to say I was skeptical as I thought that anti aging (being a big business as it is) will always be a very expensive adventure. But it turns out that I was wrong.

The product comes in a dropper glass bottle (most of them are packaged like this). It’s a slightly frosted glass, so you can see how much product is left in there. The dropper is a great idea as you can control the amount of product you put on your face. It shuts tight enough so the serum doesn’t degrade before time (it has a shelf life of 12 months after opening). In fact this tight shut bottle seems to be a problem with another product I bought…it’s almost impossible to open.


The serum does not have any scent to it. Consistency wise it is a cloudy gel like texture that absorbs into the skin easily. One thing to note is that you really need to watch how much you put on your skin. It will be very sticky if you put on too much. I have made that mistake a few times at the beginning to the point when I layered another cream on top of it, instead of sinking in it just sort of balled up. I believe this phenomenon is call pilling(??). Anyway, just make sure you put one drop on each cheek and one on the forehead and smooth it into your skin. You will still experience a bit of a tacky feeling but I have tolerated it as I was really curious about the effects.

My main area of concern (not too great a concern, but still…) was my nasolabial fold. In layman terms this is the fold that runs from the nose to the corners of your mouth. It is probably the most difficult area to upkeep in terms of signs of aging, as we keep moving our mouths and smiling etc. That doesn’t help. But rather than stop smiling I decided to try this serum instead. The area wasn’t too deep (at my age anyway) but I still noticed plumping of that little section after about 4 and 1/2 months of using it. So that tells me that it works but if you have got quite deep folds, you might possibly have to use it for longer in order to see results. Remember that depending the “severity” of your concerns it might take longer to see results obviously. Otherwise I have noticed that the rest of my face got a little firmer (firmer at 33 doesn’t take too much I know).

On the bottle is says to use it AM and PM after cleansing the skin.I only use this at night because of the slight tacky-ness that I have mentioned. In the morning I use another peptide serum that is very different and can be used in the morning under make up. So if you plan on using this AM, then please bear in mind that until you have put maybe a little bit of primer on it, it will be tacky.

In terms of layering I put this on after my facial spray that I use for spots and before Aloe Vera gel. Other skincare products will come on top after the aloe gel sunk in.

All in all this is a great little serum, especially at this price. Bought from the Deciem website (the umbrella company that produces other lines as well) it costs £12.70 and for a 30 ml bottle that is a very fair price in my opinion.

So finally a picture of my face…Note that this image hasn’t been digitally altered in any way and I’m only wearing a little foundation( I don’t like caked on makeup), plus I was lucky enough to have had a good skin day on the day it was taken:). I hope you enjoyed this post.

Photo by Titus Powell

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