Mizon Apple smoothie peeling gel review

I have previously written about how difficult it is to find a scrub/peel that agrees with rosacea skin. I have finally found what worked on me which was and still is the Cure natural aqua gel, which is a Japanese product. I don’t think anything compares to this, however, it doesn’t hurt to be on the lookout for similar products that might not be so expensive.

Now I’m not saying that this Mizon peeling gel is a ‘dupe’ in any way, but it’s worth some consideration. As I have used products from this Korean brand before and liked them, I was quite keen to give this peeling gel a try. I was browsing in TK Maxx (again…I know, I can’t help it) when I found this. There were 2 boxes and I did a few rounds around the shelf before I decided to try it. It is risky as I have rosacea and this could have ended in a disaster. But it didn’t.



First of all, it smells nice. It does have a fruity apple scent that is not overpowering but noticeable. The product’s consistency is a viscous gel that is cloudier than the Cure aqua gel. It is also thicker and it goes on the skin smoothly. There are no scrubby bits as it is a gommage type product. In the ingredients you will find among other things: apple, pineapple, orange and lemon fruit extract as well as glycolic acid. I have used glycolic acid before on my rosacea skin (from The Ordinary) and I didn’t have a problem with it. However due to the active fruit acids in this peeling gel I would warn anyone with rosacea to try this very carefully on a little patch of skin first. Citrus fruits do a great job in exfoliating but they can be also very harsh if your skin doesn’t agree with it. The peeling gel also contains alcohol which is 5th on the ingredient list. With all that said, this product claims to not irritate the skin. Let’s see if that is true or not.

When I put this on my skin, I’m not going to lie, I felt a little tingle. I wanted to wash it off straight away but I thought I will risk it and left it on a little longer. I’m glad I did as after the first contact with my skin it kind of settled and stopped. It was a dangerous thing to do but I really wanted to see how the product performs. It is possible, that because of all the years of taking care of and strengthening with natural products, my skin didn’t react as badly as I thought it would. Which is great news!

After the initial tingle settled, I massaged this into my skin. As it is a fruit acid containing product, it doesn’t work the same way as the Cure aqua gel. While you can leave the Cure on for a few minutes and then it starts to turn the old skin white on its own, with this product you have to gently massage it to get in proper contact with the skin. It didn’t take long at all to be able to see the little white balls of skin coming off. It was satisfying to see that it actually worked. Then I just rinsed it off with lukewarm water. When I was done with the peel and patted my skin dry I could see a slight pinkiness in my cheek on the rosacea affected areas, but I have applied aloe gel afterwards and it calmed down in a few minutes. Nothing too major, but if you have severe rosacea, skip this gel. Mine is mild but it still gave a little tingle.

The peeling effect in itself is amazing though. The aloe gel I put on afterwards sunk in instantly and that is quite good considering that aloe gel needs a bit of time to sink in due to the viscous nature of it. My skin felt very smooth afterwards, much like with the Cure gel. I will continue to use this but will likely not repurchase just because I’m happier with the Cure gel. If you have normal skin then you should give this a go, but people with mild rosacea should use it with care. Remember that just because I didn’t have a flare up as a result, that doesn’t mean you won’t have one either.

As it is a Korean product, it’s hard to find in the UK, unless you stumble upon it in TK Maxx. I bought this for £7.99 (for 120 ml)and the normal retail price is about £8.90 on Yesstyle (an online asian store).

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