Rapidbrow eyebrow enhancing serum review

I have to say I had high hopes for this serum. I bought this after many failed attempts to repopulate some bald patches in my eyebrows with hair again. I have used home made concoctions as well as castor oil before but it never quite worked. These home made serums have grown my eyebrows in length but had not given me new growth. So I thought I will give this a shot and see if it works for the £34 that it costs.


This product claims to make the eyebrows visibly fuller looking, thicker and less sparse in 60 days. It also claims that the density of the eyebrow will see a 108% improvement. I honestly don’t know how they can measure 108% …Never mind as I don’t believe figures like these anyway.  It has something called Hexatein 2 complex in its ingredients that is claimed to be the growing ‘molecule’.

I meant to take a before picture of my brow but I forgot. To be honest there was no point anyway because this did not really work out for me.

First of all, I have quite good brows to begin with. Unfortunately due to me not getting any younger, I started losing some hairs in patches, in particular on the left eyebrow. It’s noticeable as my eyebrows are otherwise in pretty good shape.  Ever since this loss started to happen I was looking to reverse it.

I have used this eyebrow serum for nearly 3 months, which is when it ran out. I have not seen any new hairs sprouting in the bald patches but I have seen hair grow in places where I didn’t want it. On the top of my brows more towards the forehead and near my eye in the temple region. The point of course was to have growth in the patches mentioned but that did not happen. It was quite a costly mistake, or so I thought.

I put it on with the mascara wand every morning and night religiously. My eyebrows looked conditioned and the serum seemed to reduce the rate they were falling out with. Which I guess it’s a good thing considering it cost £34 for 3 ml!

After having used up one tube of this, I started putting castor oil on my eyebrows again. And this is where things changed! Before, when I used castor oil, it didn’t really give me any new growth. Now that I started using it again (after having stopped the serum), new hairs started to grow in the first section of my eyebrows nearest to my nose. I was very surprised. I think it might be the case that the serum sort of ‘reset’ my hair follicles, so to speak. I will insert a picture about this new growth.


But it’s worth noting that I do not think this was the serum as such, as on its own it has not produced new growth.

In conclusion do I think it’s worth buying at this price? No I don’t.

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