The problem with ‘New year, new me!’

The phrase new year new me is what I hear most often from people at this time of year. This post was inspired by a recent experience and as I write a blog that is centered around beauty, I thought I will share my thoughts on a few things. This is going to be a different post, but I hope you will like it regardless.

So the experience in question that spurred me on to write this post, was a day at work. More specifically a conversation I caught with ‘half an ear’. Two female colleagues were talking about new year resolutions and one of them said that her new year resolution will be ‘new year, new me!’ The girl in question then started to rave about how she will get her teeth whitened and get her eyelashes done. Based on my observations she is into skin care too, using all kinds of peels at home and plastering on Vaseline during working hours. Now, I am all in for a change in appearance if that is what makes someone happy. I’ve never been the kind of person who booed anyone from wanting to improve their looks, as I know from experience that this can increase self esteem. However there are a few things that caught my attention with this girl and this is the reason I am writing this post.

There is a lot of push out there in the media and on social media channels to look good and then a load of adverts pushing products with which you can achieve said look. The younger the audience the more impressionable the person and this can lead to a number of strange situations.

I can only write about my own perspective but I wanted to share this to see if there are more people out there who feel that there are some things that we should take care of first before we embark on beautifying ourselves cosmetically. Namely: hygiene. The girl in question sits next to me in the office so there is no mistaking it. She stinks. There is no polite way of putting this. The body odor is absolutely unbearable, but she seems to not be conscious about this or maybe she got used to the smell and no longer bothers her, if it ever did. I just think that as someone who cares about her appearance there should be some prioritisation going into the beautification process. I will share a few things that I personally feel are absolutely essential  before any skincare, makeup or cosmetic work getting done.

1. Shower/bathe. You would think this is a no brainer but still in the 21st century there are people out there especially women (not that men are exempt) who seem to have forgotten what soap is. There is absolutely no excuse for this, unless someone has mental problems (which does not apply to this girl) or is homeless. Even if you are poor, which I have been once or twice with my family barely being able to buy food, you can surely afford a bar of the cheapest soap. In the UK this would be most likely from the £1 or 99p shops. I remember when I was younger there were times  I used to wash my underarms and ‘down there’ in a bucket. But I was clean. And surely if you can afford to get your eyelashes done and your teeth whitened then there is at least a pound left in your pocket for soap, fullstop. And no, spraying yourself with perfume does not make the fumes go away either…

2. Wash your clothes. Simple enough, and again I am referring here to people who can afford to pay for eyelashes and teeth. Coming to work in clothes that have not been washed for weeks is neither trendy nor professional.

3. Look after your hair. If you have gone as far as using skin peels and caring about how your skin and makeup looks, perhaps you should make sure your hair is always washed or at least conceal the greasy roots with dry shampoo or a ponytail. There is nothing more disappointing than looking at someone’s appearance and feeling like something’s out of place. I am not saying you should get your hair done every day or do whatever elaborate hairstyles, just make sure it is clean. Oh and there is something called hairbrush, which I think needs a bit more hype on social media…When I was a child my mum would never let me out on the street with hair that was not brushed, let alone wet from the shower. That seems to be all the rage nowadays. It does not only make you look like a wet dog, but in winter or on a cooler summer days you can easily get a cold too.

4. If you can’t afford to maintains nail extensions, don’t have them done. I have seen countless badly done extensions that have been grown out way too much and chipped too. Also the dirt under your nail is not aesthetic especially if you happen to have a lighter coloured polish on. Plus I never understood how can anyone do any task normally with 10cm nails…

5. Toenails…I have seen a woman once who had fungus on all of her toenails and chipped polish on top. In the UK if your toenails are in that shape, you can go to your GP who can prescribe antibiotic solutions or even get referred to a podiatrist. It is not acceptable not to say healthy to ignore this issue if you have it. If you don’t just make sure you clip them regularly and exfoliate your foot.

6. Maintain your shaving routine if you want to expose parts of your body. As a woman I think this is included in the absolute basic self care routine. Of course sometimes you might not have the time or the energy to do this and if it’s the case you would cover up with clothes.

So these would be my essential must do’s in terms of basic hygiene. Please feel free to comment below if you feel that I have left something out or if you disagree with any of the above points.


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