The Ordinary Alpha Lipoic Acid review

I have purchased the Ordinary Alpha Lipoic Acid around the same time as the Buffet serum. I thought I would give this a go to see if my sensitive rosacea skin could tolerate it. Even though it says on the product not to use it on sensitive skin, I took a leap of faith so to speak.


Alpha Lipoic Acid is essentially an antioxidant that is meant to neutralize free radicals that have a role in aging our skin. Because I have rosacea I cannot use retinols and thought that this in conjunction with the Buffet serum would be a good start with regards to a more concentrated anti aging care. The aim was to try to desensitize my skin a little bit.

As many of you who have had rosacea for years know, this condition can get better and worse from time to time. I remember when I bought this product my face looked pretty good so I decided to brave it and put it on my face. This was around 2018 February.

The first time the Alpha Lipoic Acid touched my face I felt next to nothing. I have put one drop on my forehead and one each on the side of my face (around the jawline). When I spread it out it felt like a light warmth has enveloped my skin although nothing unpleasant. I have kept using this twice a week as it says on the bottle not to use this more than 3 times a week. I was using this for a few months when my skin flared up due to a stressful period of my life (moving house) and I have stopped it temporarily. I did not restart using this until 6 months later, but unfortunately I felt a very unpleasant stinging/burning sensation this time. It caused a bit of redness that eventually subsided an hour later but I was not brave enough to put this back on my face again ever since. It sat in my drawer and now I will have to get rid of it due to the 12 months shelf life it has. I was thinking I could use this upon my chest and neck area, but then I forgot about it. Usually if a product doesn’t work out for my face I will use it to my neck and chest area.  I also use this part of my body to test things I am not brave enough to put on my face yet (like Lactic Acid). It is sort of a dumping ground:).

With regards to how it felt on my face when applied: it didn’t feel oily at first as the website says, but hours later the pores on my face looked bigger and there was a film of grease on my forehead and nose. As I was using it at night (and you should as it is very reactive to sunlight) this effect didn’t really bother me that much. In all honesty I didn’t see any changes in my skin at all while I was using it, but that can be due to a few factors, not necessarily because the product is bad. First I didn’t use it for long enough and secondly I am perhaps not old enough to see any changes.

So as I said I am getting rid of my Alpha Lipoic acid as its shelf life has passed. I would not recommend this for rosacea sufferers unless you have it under control and it is minimal and even then it might not be worth it if you are younger than 35.

I hope I have managed to help few of you out there with decision making. Please feel free to subscribe via email or follow me, it would be greatly appreciated.


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