Mizon Collagen Power firming eye cream review

This is going to be a review of an eye cream I have used a few years ago, Mizon Collagen Power firming eye cream / Intensive firming solution. There will be several reviews in the future about eye creams that I have used in the past and present as I personally find that the older I get the more important it is to find a good all-rounder eye cream. I would like to start out by sharing my criteria as to what I’m looking for in an eye cream.

1. Consistency. I don’t like overly heavy eye creams as I don’t have particularly dry under eyes but feel that it still has to be moisturizing enough.

2. Wrinkle fighting ability. The older I get the more important this second criteria becomes. Even though the first port of call in anti-aging is maintaining good moisture levels, I find that after a while this is not enough.

3. How it interacts with / how it sits under concealer. This is probably something that not many people consider but using the wrong eye cream under a particular concealer can render it useless. Hence, I’m going to mention in every review how well they work in conjunction with my most used concealers (there aren’t many).

4. Absorption rate. It’s important that the eye cream sinks in fast. This is because I don’t have a ton of time in the morning to wait for my eye cream to absorb before I put on my makeup.

5.Cost / value for money. This isn’t as important as all the other criteria, but I am constantly trying to find good eye creams that are affordable. I am willing to compromise on this but only if I find a ‘holy grail’. That has not happened yet…

So this Mizon eye cream was perhaps one of the first Korean items that I have tried. I have bought it on Amazon back then.  As with every other product I use, I do care about the ingredient list and this eye cream is quite nice as it is formulated without benzophenones, ethanol, parabens and artificial fragrances or colorants. This is especially important for those who are sensitive to fragrance. In my opinion there shouldn’t be artificial fragrance in an eye cream anyway as it can be irritating.

Ingredients that are worth mentioning here are glycerin which is quite high on the list even though they call this a collagen eye cream. I don’t have a problem with glycerin (it’s a good moisturizer) but if you put collagen in the name of your product, I’m going to expect that ingredient to be one of the main ones. It’s not and I suspect because it’s expensive. Collagen, contrary to popular belief does not fight wrinkles in the way perhaps retinol does as it is a moisturizing ingredient. Collagen molecules are too big to penetrate deep enough and cause any permanent change in the structure of the skin. To sum this up collagen is a more expensive moisturizing ingredient.

This eye cream also contains argan oil, mango seed butter and shea butter which further help with the moisturization and perhaps a little wrinkle fighting (argan oil). It also contains 2 incredibly good humectants, beta glucan and hyaluronic acid which will help with dehydration. There are quite a lot of other ingredients in this eye cream that I don’t see very often, especially in eye creams. Let’s break it down further. It contains arginine that helps fight free radicals that age our skin. Proline is an anti- aging ingredient that improves skin elasticity and increases collagen production (just like lysine which this cream also contains), it also promotes skin repair and regeneration.  And finally, there are 2 ingredients which in my opinion are the star of the show. Adenosine that has proven anti-wrinkle benefits as well as Copper Tripeptide 1 that promotes the survival of stem cells in the basal epidermis.

Let’s look at my four criteria then. First, the consistency of this eye cream can seem thick as it’s gel like, but it’s surprisingly lightweight and does not feel greasy or sticky.

I am unsure about its wrinkle fighting ability. I say this as when I have used it, I was about 32 years old and have not yet seen wrinkles around my eyes, not even fine ones. But from what I have seen and read in other reviews it is good for wrinkles too.

This eye cream is amazing under concealer. For the longest time I have used the Rimmel Match Perfection concealer as it is light enough but does not look dry under my eyes and does not look cakey. Cakey-ness is something I hate the most, I don’t like to be able to detect concealer under my eyes. This eye cream managed to create a smooth base for that concealer.

If you have issues with concealer creasing this will solve it too as the absorption rate is good. It sinks in quick enough and the concealer doesn’t look makeup-y if that makes sense.

Cost wise, since I have discovered the Yesstyle website I have to say that £13 it’s not expensive considering that you are getting 25 ml in the pot, which is nearly double that of western eye creams.

I don’t tend to talk about the packaging of products much unless I find them especially useful or especially bad. The packaging could be improved by putting this into a tube as going into the glass jar is not the most hygienic thing. Also the jar is quite big (in part due to the 25 ml size) that is hard to travel with. If you go away just for a weekend somewhere and bring the maximum allowed liquids onto a plane, this jar will take up a lot of space.

Overall I remember I liked this eye cream and would buy it again now to see if it does something with the fine lines around my eyes (they are WERY fine though mostly visible if I smile).

I would recommend this Mizon eye cream to those who like a lightweight feeling eye cream, that delivers enough moisture and hydration without looking greasy and overloading the skin.

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