Innisfree Green Tea foam cleanser and Green Tea cleansing oil review

I wanted to share this review with you a while ago, as I think I found a very effective yet gentle cleansing duo for rosacea skin.

These two products are a result of my venture into Korean skincare. I was a bit hesitant to try a foam cleanser as I thought it’s going to dry my skin out, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

My cleansing method wasn’t the best for many years I must admit. I used to use a foaming cleanser or gel cleanser of sorts and that was it. When I developed rosacea I needed to find a way to cleanse my skin gently yet thoroughly as I also had acne. I couldn’t afford to just use a moisturizing cleanser as that would have been too much for my acne affected areas. In the end after many years of searching I have become a fan of double cleansing. This ensures that while you apply the oil cleanser first and that might be a bit too much, the foam cleanser makes sure you remove the oil and take all the dirt that it dissolved with it. I remember the first venture into double cleansing involved almond oil applied with a cotton round and then one of my then favourite cleansers, Caudalie foaming cleanser. I have already reviewed that on my blog. I’m not saying that is not good anymore, but for a while that was hard to get hold of, plus given the funky pump mechanism I found it hard to find something to decant it in and carry it with me whilst travelling. This is not an issue with the Innisfree Green Tea foam cleanser as it comes in a tube and you can easily squeeze out a small amount for a week long holiday.

Innisfree green tea foam cleanser 150 ml

The tube is 150 ml which lasts me months! With this a tiny amount goes a long way and there is only a little water needed to foam this up. It gets rid of the oil cleanser beautifully and does not leave a tight feeling on the skin. It doesn’t leave a tight feeling even if you decide to use it on its own which is what I’m doing in the morning. I use the double cleansing method at night to remove all the makeup and sunscreen and in the morning the only thing I need is just to remove a little oiliness on my forehead which a pea sized amount of this achieves perfectly.

This is the only cleanser in the history of my life that I have repurchased 3 times. I found it to be excellent at cleansing and leaving a fresh feeling on the skin. It’s slightly scented which happens to a lot of Korean products even though it is for sensitive skin, but this does not bother me, I actually find it very pleasant.

The first on the ingredient list is glycerin which makes this product non drying followed by a roughly 18% green tea leaf extract. Green tea has been known for centuries as a calming a soothing ingredient and this is what makes the product so gentle. A word of warning for those who are hypersensitive to alcohol in skincare, this product contains a minute amount of ethanol, but for me that was not a problem. It is listed towards the end on the list of ingredients.

Innisfree Green Tea cleansing oil 150 ml

Lets see the oil cleanser. I have to say I love the sensation of cleansing my face with oils. They cause next to no friction (which is very important for rosacea sufferers) and my hand slides around easily as the oil does it’s job to break down the impurities. This cleansing oil is one of my favourites. It contains green tea leaf water and saponin which is a natural cleanser derived from the root of the green tea that provides the gentle cleansing. Perfume unfortunately is very high on the list for this product, so if you are very sensitive to it then it might not be for you. The company claims there are 16 types of amino acids in this product which is good news as these good guys are the building blocks for proteins and peptides, which keep our skin young. I noticed that the best way of using these two product together is by putting on the oil first and then straight after applying the foam cleanser. I say this as many Korean oil cleansers can be rinsed off to a certain degree, but I find that if I do that, the softening effect is not at its maximum.

This duo leaves my skin moisturized yet properly cleansed. I also noticed that my skin was way more glowy than usual while using these.

The oil cleanser runs out way quicker than the foam cleanser, but I find that it is still a good value. It is 150 ml for about £18 while the foam cleanser is about £12 for the same amount. Not the cheapest cleansers around but I think it’s worth the money.

As I said I have already repurchased the foam cleanser 3 times. The oil cleanser I repurchased twice and currently trying to see whether there are other good oil cleansers on the Korean market that are better value than this. I will share my thoughts on those as soon as I found them.

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