Bioderma Micellar Water and Nivea Double effect Eye Make Up remover review/comparison

This is going to be a shorter post, but I wanted to do a quick review on some make up removers that I think can be used safely with rosacea.

With regards to general face washing, I do practice double cleansing, however as I use an oil as a first step, I don’t like to put that on my eyes as it blurs my vision. This is the reason why I personally prefer to use a separate eye make-up remover.

There was a time when I was adamant on using just Bioderma as I thought there could be nothing better out there. However, after I got more into skin care I realised just how overpriced it is. I think there are better make-up removers out there than this one. The first problem I have is that it doesn’t remove my eye make-up very quickly. The way I remove it is I soak a cotton pad through with this (more on the pads later) and then I hold it over my eyes. I don’t rub as that causes premature wrinkles. Depending on how good the remover is, I might have to hold it on for longer. With the Nivea one I never had to wait as long. I realised that oil breaks up me eye make-up way quicker and hydrates the under eyes too. Price wise there is a massive difference as it is with availability (although that has gotten better the past few years, Bioderma is now stocked in bigger Boots stores in the UK).  With regards to the cotton pads, I now use very thin Asian cotton squares that cut product waste dramatically. I admit that might have been a factor why Bioderma has been less effective than Nivea, as I have not used it with the squares. Without rambling so much I thought I’m going to organise this review in bullet points.

Nivea Double effect eye make-up remover


  • Good availability, you can find this is most stores, supermarkets included.
  • Good price for how effective it is but granted it’s not the cheapest in terms of how much you get for your money.
  • Small size, fits into travel cases easily (125ml), and reasonable bottle shape for packing
  • Quick at removing makeup, soaks through in no time especially if used with the cotton square but even with conventional pads
  • Takes make-up off with little product, so it’s quite economical.
  • Does not blur my vision like most facial cleansing oils (if it blurs, you are using way too much

of it)

  • Requires no rubbing
  • Fragrance free
  • Does not sting the eyes
  • Hydrates the under eye and I have noticed it conditions the lashes too


  • Not small enough to put it into carry on luggage and decanting is problematic as this is a two-phase product that separates after a few minutes. You run the risk of decanting more of either liquids in the bottle which can make removal less effective
  • A little expensive for how much you get in the bottle (price averages between £3 /£4), but I try to get it when it’s on sale (usually around £1.50 / £2)

Bioderma micellar water


  • Easily decantable as it requires no shaking
  • Fragrance free
  • Does not sting the eyes


  • Expensive even for the smaller 100 ml version that could be fit for travel (over £5 for 100 ml)
  • Even the 100 ml version bottle is too bulky for travel
  • Takes longer to break down make-up
  • Availability isn’t very good compared to Nivea

So these are my thoughts about these two make-up removers. I have been a fan of the Nivea one for a while now and have repurchased this several times. Neither of them irritate my rosacea in case I accidentally wipe down my cheeks. I am not saying the Bioderma isn’t good, it just isn’t as effective as the Nivea one.

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