Sheet masks I tried – Comparison and favourites

This post is long overdue as I have gotten into sheet masks a long time ago when I first discovered Korean beauty products. At first, as someone who has rosacea, I wasn’t too excited to try them out as I was afraid they would irritate my skin. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The first sheet masks I tried were from Innisfree. They have a few types of sheet masks but the ones I have tried were the Real Squeeze and the Skin clinic ones. I like both but if I were to choose just one, I would go for the Skin clinic ones and the reason behind that is because they have a particular type within that range that my skin just loves. I will try to insert pictures of them so you can see but I might not have pictures of the Skin clinic ones. The best type is the Madecassoside one. It just soothes my skin amazingly and the claims on the packaging are true, calms and strengthens the skin’s surface. I notice less redness afterwards although don’t expect this to get rid of your rosacea, but if you have very dry skin it will help really moisturize it.

The Real Squeeze ones come in 14 types. I have once bought a pack of all the types on Amazon and have concluded that not all of them are suitable for my skin. The ones that are excellent are the green tea, cucumber, rice, oatmeal and Shea butter ones. The coconut and manuka honey ones were my least favourite, but then my skin does not agree with either ingredient much (I break out from coconut and honey stings my skin for some reason).

The Skin clinic type masks I have tried are the aforementioned Madecassoside one and the hyaluronic one. To be honest I don’t have massively dehydrated skin so the hyaluronic one didn’t do a whole lot to my face. But as I said before the Madecassoside one is excellent.

Another brand I tried was Apieu. The Milk one pack ones are great, I have used the green tea and the strawberry ones. The green tea again was superb very comparable with the Innisfree green tea one, dare I say a little better at hydration. I don’t really know what it is, but my skin just loves green tea.

Once I tried these, I thought I would invest in the box version they have, that is called Daily sheet masks. It comes in two varieties green tea and black tea. The first one is soothing and the second one is hydrating. I bought he green tea soothing ones. They come in a box and there is a plastic tweezer supplied with it, so you don’t need to dig in with your fingers, so it’s quite hygienic.

A’pieu Daily Sheet Masks green tea

In all honesty, I was a bit disappointed as I didn’t like them as much as the individually packed ones. Perhaps this has something to do with the boxed version not having as much product in it, or maybe it collects at the bottom of the box, so the very bottom ones will be soaked, while the top ones will have less in them. Either way it’s early days to have a final verdict, will have to see when I get to the bottom of the box.

One brand I was surprised that worked as well as it did was Tony Moly. I got a sheet mask as a gift with my order and was not expecting much. I was hugely impressed. It is the Pureness 100 mask sheet with green tea. Now don’t let the name fool you, they won’t give you 100 sheets in the pack (I wish) it’s just a funny name to give. I thought it was amazing in calming my redness, perhaps the best out of all the green tea ones I tried from all the other brands. Absolutely comparable with the Innisfree Madecassoside mask.

The last one is the Mizon joyful time essence mask with Aloe. Again, they have multiple types, but I was given this again as a gift with my order. It was nice, but nothing special, I thought I would mention it as I tried it briefly.

The only issue I have with Korean sheet masks is that they don’t fit my face properly. I know that these are marketed mainly towards Asian customers, so a Caucasian face, especially one with a prominent nose like mine will struggle a little. I get around this issue by cutting the nose bit off of the mask and placing it separately, but my nose doesn’t really need hydration and calming anyway.

This would conclude my opinion on these masks. I would say if you have rosacea try at least the Madecassoside ones from Innisfree, it is superb. I am looking to try some of the other types as well that have claims of soothing and moisturising the skin as that is all I want from a mask.

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