A’Pieu Madecassoside ampoule review

A’Pieu is one of my favourite Korean brands. Having tried their sheet masks, I was impressed enough to try other things from this company. As I have rosacea, I was putting on another skincare order from Yesstyle when I have come across this ampoule. Korean skincare can be complicated when it comes to all the product names and their order, but don’t let this discourage you from trying stuff because you can find gems. I don’t really care about differences between ampoules, hydrating toners and essences. I’m sure there is an elaborate order for these to go onto the skin, but I’d rather choose to look at the consistency of the product and decide in what order to put on my skincare items. It’s easier that way. If it’s watery or runny then it will be the first to go on. It’s that simple.

At the time of ordering this I was doing research on some skin soothing ingredients and madecassoside was one I really wanted to try. Madecassoside is an active ingredient that is derived from Centella Asiatica that is a native plant in Asia. It has excellent soothing properties and it supposed to reduce redness and irritation.

A’Pieu Madecassoside Ampoule 50ml

I have ordered this product alongside other Centella products that are still in my skincare drawer ready to try. The ampoule claims to strengthen the skin barrier and provide a protective film to the skin. Reading that I thought ‘great it’s going to sit on my skin like an actual film’, but I was pleasantly surprised. It sinks in very quickly and my skin can take 3 layers of this stuff without feeling like there is something on it. As a rosacea sufferer it’s especially important to me that my skincare items can be layered and that those layers are not heavy. I sometimes need to use 4-5 separate products and if skincare items are not light enough in formulation, then that can result in my skin feeling heavy and greasy, not to mention any pilling effect that might occur between those products. So, the fact that this is very watery and runny in consistency just makes it work well with other skincare steps.

The liquid has no colour or smell and it’s not sticky or tacky. I was expecting some dewiness from a product like this (I don’t know why), but it didn’t give me that. Instead, it prepped my skin for the next step and helped in desensitizing my cheeks a great deal. I’d say that this ampoule is better at strengthening then reducing redness. It helped with redness somewhat but it’s the skin barrier repair function of it that works really well. It’s not immediately obvious as this is something you can’t measure and is not visible. I have used several products on my skin which have stung when my rosacea was flaring up. That can be frustrating because before, those products gave me no problems. A great example of this is the Tosowoong Green tea Essence. I have written a post about this essence before, and I consider it one of the key products that work for my rosacea. This time however when my skin flared up, it stung. I was shocked but attributed this to the flare up effects. I had to stop using most of my skincare products during this flare up, which is not ideal as at my age you should try not to skip anti-aging stuff at all. Tosowoong contains niacinamide that is an active ingredient that is usually well tolerated by my skin. Not when I have a flare up though! I started using this ampoule to see if it would calm the flare up. It helped in conjunction with another product that I use as a moisturizer. When I finished this bottle, I have tried to use the Tosowoong essence again and it didn’t sting anymore. I thought that was quite unbelievable. It is worth the money as not a lot of products can do this.

With regards to the price, it’s tolerable I think at about £23. I really wanted the 30ml version at first as that was a better price range but in the end, I don’t regret getting this. I would most likely buy this again, however I have a few more Centella products to try, as well as the Pyunkang Yul essence toner, which so far seems to score higher, so lots of contenders there in this type of product category.

If you have a compromised skin barrier due to rosacea then this is one of those products that definitely help in rebuilding it. I will also have to mention that this is in no way moisturizing but not drying either. It just simply heals the skin slowly but surely.  

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