Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream review

This cream is amazing in many aspects. I have bought this a good while back and have used up the whole tube to be able to give you the full effects and results with this cream.

 The consistency is perhaps a little bit thicker than a normal cream, yet light when you apply it. I think it’s quite economical if you only use it for the rosacea affected areas, for me it was just my cheeks.

First off, it claims to calm irritated and stressed skin thanks to some key ingredients which I will talk about below in detail and also help with redness.

I have purchased this cream on Yesstyle when it was on offer, I believe at the time it cost around £15, which considering how good this is, it was a bargain at that price.

So first off, this contains shea butter. I haven’t yet talked about shea butter separately on my blog but I have tried this butter on its own before and it has given me great results. Shea butter seems to agree with my skin and it has anti-inflammatory properties which comes in handy with rosacea. It also helps in healing the skin, so if you have a flare up, this is an unbelievably soothing stuff to put on your face even separately let alone combined (like in this cream) with many other amazing ingredients. Surprisingly shea butter also has anti-oxidants and that works great to fight signs of aging. It’s even great for acne, even though that might be hard to believe as it’s crazy thick and solid in texture at first, but can melt if warmed between fingertips. Finally, it has moisturizing properties and it forms a film on the skin at first (when used in its raw form) but eventually sinks in and retains moisture better than any other oil or ingredient I have ever put on my face.

Another ingredient that is fantastic at reducing inflammation is roman chamomile or guaiazulene. It’s what gives this cream its blue hue (yes, it’s blue but that disappears upon application). Roman chamomile has been known to heal wounds fast and reduce redness and inflammation and has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. I believe this really boosts the effects of shea butter (or rather the other way around). But there is yet another wonder anti-redness ingredient that is incorporated into the formulation, namely Centella Asiatica. This is standardly added to almost all redness products on the Korean market, and with good reason. It helps in healing and calming the skin which further elevates this products efficiency in doing what it claims.

But perhaps the reason why this cream is priced rather expensively is the fact that it contains 6 types of peptides. Quality peptides aren’t cheap but this product has lots in it which helps in fighting signs of aging. Not only that, but peptides also help with improving skin barrier, which in case of rosacea is very important. Perhaps a little-known fact about peptides is that they also help with inflammation. I say little known as this ingredient is more well-known thanks to the anti-aging properties.

Last but not least I need to mention Ceramide NP. This is something that I started researching myself a little while ago and I wasn’t even aware this product contained it until I took a second look at the ingredient list. Ceramides, according to many dermatologists are essential in re-building the skin barrier following a rosacea flare-up. And recently I have had the good fortune of trying out a targeted ceramide product that confirmed those claims (more on that in another post, coming soon). This is the fastest working ingredient when it comes to getting the skin back to relative normality.

With regards to the effects this had on my skin, it’s been amazing. At the time I used this I had a milder flare up, but it helped with it a lot! I would re-purchase it again when it’s on sale but this cream is usually around the £30 mark for 60 ml, which is a bit too much for my liking. Seeing as the newer ceramide product helped my skin much faster and reduced a really awful flare up, I would not choose the Klairs Midnight Blu Calming Cream over it, not at the £30 price tag. But that should not discourage anyone to try it out especially if you get some samples of it with a Korean skin care order or when it’s on offer. I’m sure this would help many people with sensitive skin prone to redness and rosacea. It worked for me with persistent use and I have seen reduced redness in about 3 weeks, provided that it is used twice daily and it goes on to the skin after perhaps a hydrating toner. I would try not to sandwich serums in between this and the toner as that can buffer the effect (that’s not something we want) not to mention when you have a flare up, your skin can’t really tolerate too many products anyway. The moisturization with this cream is also outstanding and have not felt the effects of winter at all when I have used it as it kept my skin plumped and rather glowy.

I hope this was useful to you. If it was, please share it with friends and family so that they may find some information on my blog that helps with their skin issues.

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