Purito Seabuckthorn vital 70 cream review

This cream was part of a larger order that I have placed on Yesstyle. What I like to do is order a few options so if something doesn’t work out then I have another to fall back on. This is usually the case with moisturizers and cleansers only. The reason is simple: with the moisturizers it’s either that they are too heavy or too light and not give enough moisture in the rosacea affected areas. With cleansers it’s the possibility of them drying out my face that makes me order at least a couple of them.

Purito Seabuckthorn Vital 70 cream 50ml

I have decided to try out this cream because it contains seabuckthorn fruit extract (70% to be exact, and that is a lot). I had a face cream as well as a small size face oil many many years ago from Amazon that had seabuckthorn in it and it was all right to use, although the formulation and all the other ingredients were not too impressive. Seabuckthorn is great at reducing inflammation and I know this because I have been taking it internally for many years in supplement form (more of that in another post). I really wanted to see if Koreans managed to formulate a superior product (which they usually do) that I can use externally to manage the redness.

Sadly this cream did not live up to my expectations and that is a huge thing to say as I usually like Purito products. Looking at the ingredients I had high hopes as it contains Glycerin, macadamia oil and niacinamide that are good at managing a number of skin concerns. In particular I was happy to see niacinamide so high on the list (5th ingredient) because my face loves it. It’s great at desensitizing the skin and making it used to other ingredients that rosacea might not like at first (peeling acids, retinol etc).

The cream has a medium consistency not too watery or thick. It comes in a tube so easy to squeeze out just the right amount and it contains 50ml. It goes on very nicely and sinks in fairly quickly. Smells amazing even though it has no added perfume in it. I can say that in the non-rosacea affected areas it performed well. Gave my skin good moisture levels and a healthy glow, it also minimized my pores thanks to the niacinamide. However it stung my cheeks where I have got the rosacea. I didn’t understand why at first as all the above mentioned ingredients are gentle enough to not cause any sensitivity issues. Then I realized that it must have been the only ingredient in the product that gave it a nice scent: orange peel oil. This citrus oil can be highly sensitizing to the skin as I found out when I did a little research on it. Usually I don’t have a problem with essential oils (apart from bergamot) but this time looks like I have found another to steer clear of.

The product claims to brighten the skin, thanks to the niacinamide, but I don’t have major problems with hyperpigmentation so I can’t say if it works on that front or not. It also claims that it nourishes the skin and that is true, it gives a lot of moisture, so if you have dry skin and no rosacea this would be great for you. The final claim is that it is suitable for sensitive skin, which I don’t agree with. My rosacea was much redder and irritated looking after I have put this cream on, so if you also suffer from this condition then I would not recommend trying this out.

It’s a shame as otherwise it is a good product but sadly this is a pass for me and I will not buy this again. It took me a long time to use it up as I could only put in on my T-zone and for that it is not worth paying £10-£16 for (depends on where you purchase it).

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