My name is Reka, and I have decided to start this blog because I wanted to share the “wisdom” that I have acquired throughout my life regarding skin, it’s issues and possible remedies. I have always been a fan of skin care since those teenage days that I have spent on  trying (rather uselessly) to ameliorate and cure my acne.

Later in life (this sounds like I’m 100 already) I have developed rosacea. This was the point where I started taking skin care even more seriously than before. Living with it is not easy and if you’ve got it, well….you’ve got it for life. Incurable as it is, there are ways of dealing with it and this will be the focal point of my blog. I will of course write about my experiences relating to acne, but I feel there is a gap of information about rosacea online that I would like to fill first. Hope you enjoy.